DJ Warrior & Portable Generators

When it comes to contests, they are fun to do. You get to compete with like-minded folks that feel the same way that you do. I assume that since you’re a competitive kind of person but don’t take it way too seriously, no wonder you’re doing construction as a career. This contest was about the portable generators.

There were two kinds that I use which were electric and diesel. I wanted to see the difference between the two and I had lots of fun with it. My agency is DJ Warrior. When I created the company, I wanted to be different. I mix in the aspects of having fun while proving that work doesn’t have to be boring. Since you’re in the construction industry, I figure you might enjoy contest such as this one, to let you know some alternative method exist in case electricity while on location, weren’t available. Sometimes, by planning things ahead of time may help eliminate, or avoid cases that could affect your work performance.
I had two groups divided. One group was in the electric generators and the other was the diesel generators. Between the two groups, they were a tie. The most important thing was everyone had fun and get to learn a thing or two about the products. I enjoy learning and getting to educate people on the difference between the two. I am sure that since you’re in the construction industry, they had saved you lots of money. In the long run, it is a wise investment in and of itself. It cost from at least $50 and all the way up to $1,000 for a good one.

When you’re thinking of ideas to use to generate income, don’t forget about doing contests. Contests keep people motivated about the jobs that they do. Sometimes, you need to get out of the “work mode” and have fun.